Works Gallery in San Jose, California, 2015

A broch is a double walled structure from the Iron Age found only in Scotland. @i_am_broch is an identity construction combining the human form with the built environment using the physical interaction of image, social media, projection, structure, and body. During the performance the 3 models did a type of dance around the industrial modernist folly, as model was photographed by model who was then photographed by model. The nude model created a synthesized material form with the broch-like structure. As one, that form was simultaneously consumed and constructed through the smart phone lens of the model, as she uploaded the images to Instagram. The uploaded images from the @i_am_broch Instagram account were projected in real time onto the structure, the nude model, and at times the viewers. The result was both the singular experience of the live performance and the collection of categorized images shown here. Real time is re-formed into a set of mediated and anachronistic image databases, resulting in the digital self known as @i_am_broch.

photography by Cheyenne Moore

photography by Yuanlei Huang

iPhone photography