Debonair Social Club in Chicago, 2015

A multimedia performance with two projectors, a laptop, two cellphones, several chargers, and two models posing for, taking, editing, and uploading selfies in the window box of Debonair Social Club in Chicago. The live feed of the Instagram account for @windowgirls was projected onto both the walls of the box and the bodies of the models, constantly refreshing and updating as they uploaded images of themselves. This resulted in projections of themselves on themselves (or selfies on selves) and created a physical environment from the social media platform. To interact with the work viewers had to observe from the street through the glass or follow the Instagram feed. Although the project was viewed live from all over the world, viewers inside the actual venue were forced to use their mobile devices to observe a performance happening less than 20 feet away. The "#selfiebubble" as the girls came to call it, created a self-referential live+digital selfie environment. 

photography by Lawrence Lau

photography by @yolieyogi and @madamvalerie

the Afterparty (Men's Bathroom)