Synthetic Sunshine

pilgrimage to the Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland to do temporary neon installations, March 2015

Estimated at 6,000 years old, the ancient stone circle at Callanish functions as an abstract of the first moment humans harnessed rock to create “permanent” structures, thus actualizing themselves as a type of god. These monolithic sites are speculated to have been used for funerary rites, as ancient Man began to stake claim to life by controlling the movements of death. This project activates a living history and connects humanity across time. It questions the ethical realities of a post-Industrial society, while establishing the boundaries of a timeline spanning thousands of years.

Synthetic light sources function to disrupt the natural cycle of light and dark, functioning not metaphorically like suns, but literally possessing the power to negate the night and extend the day. What does it mean to exist in a culture that subverts the power of the Sun?

photography by Lewis Somerville